I have work with heather twice and she was wonderful… attentive to my needs and working around my hectic schedule.  I felt that she was more interested in achieving my goals than just making a sale.

Joe Raffaele


I am not one to provide high marks on people, but Heather definitely earned it.  In fact, I was trying to find something to mark her down on so this review would be more credible but I couldn’t find a category that would warrant less than a 5 out of 5.  Heather is easily the best realtor I have ever met.  She is incredibly diligent in learning her clients so she can find the best fit for their situation.  She is patient and asks a lot of questions which she immediately translates into actionable recommendations.  I described her to my friends as the Pandora of realty – as soon as we provided information and feedback she had already incorporated it into the next recommendation.  Heather has a calming presence and extremely high knowledge level – as a home buyer this exuded confidence and eased our anxiety in what is always a stressful experience.  She was very patient and never pushed us along through the process.   Most importantly, she genuinely cared about our long-term well being.  Many realtors view this experience as a transaction in which they make a commission – Heather truly wants to have a positive impact on a life-changing event for her clients.  She works tirelessly to ensure that they will be happy with their purchase well into the future.  She knows that the best marketing plan is based on positive reputation and referrals – many of her peers say that but nobody lives it like Heather does.  And I would go so far as to say I do not believe it is just a marketing plan for her – but how you should treat people and it is the right thing to do.  I could not have been more impressed with Heather and would unequivocally recommend her to anybody looking for a house near the shore in CT.

Joe Johnson


Heather Clinton is a sensitive, caring bulldog.  She is tenacious on many levels.  There were many odd problems that arose during our house purchase and she found a solution to them all.  She directed all involved parties as an experienced orchestrator.  She had keen insight into each person’s motivations.  Everyone left happy.  I would recommend Heather to anyone.  She is a valiant and intelligent negotiator and problem solver.  She goes well beyond the expected activities of a realtor.  I have worked with over a dozen realtors and she is hands-down the best.

Stephen and Wendy Harris


Heather was absolutely wonderful. She knew the properties very well before we did s showing and she could read the sellers so she would provide useful help on negotiation prices. Also, she would do showings no matter what time of day because she actually cares about her clients.

Tyler Disbrow

Deep River